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20 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Wedding

Here are 20 questions to consider while starting to plan for wedding day. #stressfreeplanning

1. What is our budget for the wedding?

2. What type of wedding do we want (e.g., intimate, destination, traditional)?

3. What season and date do we prefer for the wedding?

4. How many guests do we want to invite?

5. What is our preferred wedding venue?

6. Do we want an indoor or outdoor ceremony?

7. Who will officiate the wedding?

8. What is our wedding color scheme and theme?

9. What style of wedding attire do we want?

10. How will we handle guest accommodations and transportation?

11. What type of food and beverages will be served?

12. Do we want a live band, DJ, or another form of entertainment?

13. What kind of wedding invitations and stationery do we like?

14. What is our plan for wedding photography and videography?

15. Will we have a wedding registry, and if so, where?

16. Will we use a planner or just have day of coordinating?

17. What is our plan for wedding flowers and decorations?

18. Are there any cultural or family traditions to incorporate?

19. How will we handle RSVPs and guest seating arrangements?

20. What is our plan for the honeymoon?

These questions should help you get started with the wedding planning process and ensure that you cover most important aspects of your special day.

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