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2022 Flower of the Year : TULIPS

Tulips are beautiful flowers that scream SPRING IS HERE... and they just happen to be the 2022 flower of the year! They are gorgeous in bouquets, for centrepieces, and even to line the aisles. Tulips come in a variety of colors, sizes and even shape. Some present best as tightly closed and many even use their blooms fully opened for a different look! While we think of spring when we see them, there are varieties that sport beautiful fall colors, too. Tulips can be used in a variety bouquet, one with plenty of other kinds of florals and greenery, but also look very elegant when used as the only kind of flower for the arrangement. Tulips look elegant in vases and can also be used as centrepieces in still potted (which can double as a gift for your wedding party or family).

Some varieties of French tulips are available year round:

French Tulips: Avignon Parrot, Batvia, Belle du Monde, Clearwater, Flaming Parrot, Gigondas, Jonquils, La Cour Parrot, La Courtine, Menton, Monte Lamar, Rasteu, Vaucluse, and Violes

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