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Bridal Photo Tips

Brides, remember to do plenty of bridal portraits. You can do these prior to wedding day or on wedding day. You will always want to remember what you looked like as a bride on wedding day, and trust us…it goes too fast!

Here are so ideas for bridal photos:

  • Make sure you get cute pics in your wedding day pjs

  • Get photos with your bouquet

  • Take both indoor and outdoor photos if possible

  • Make sure to get photos of every detail- shoes, jewelers, accessories

  • Be sure to remember your veil

  • Include your pet if that's part of wedding day

  • Some fun things to include may be your car, your cake, special signs, and other

  • things that are important to you

  • Close ups of you, your wedding day expressions, hair, and makeup are all things that will be amazing memories

This photo was taken The Oak at Cottonwood Creek by @WanderlustExposuresOkc , Sarah Vorva. This will be an irreplaceable memory!



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