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Collaborate with Country Wedding Journal

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Calloboration an amazing way to showcase your talents as a professional! The good news is that you can bring in a group of professionals, do an amazing photo shoot, and every pro in the group can share via social media, websites, publications, and more! Before you know it, your audience has increased exponentially!

In addition to increasing your audience, it creates networking experiences that are priceless. These experiences build learning relationships and often lead to added referrals, as well! To top it off, we have so many close friends, simply due to relationships made in the industry- often from collars!

If you are interested in joining the Country wedding journal family and being part of some amazing collaborations throughout the year, let us know. We are currently sending out info packs THIS WEEK to let you know just how that can happen!

Photo by @awphotographyinc

Floral and planning - @foreverborrowed

Brides Dress- @bridalboutiqueoklahoma

Hair and makeup-@ashleytolmanbeauty

Videography- @alumniproductions

Jewelry- @stephaniehuntleyaccessories

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