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Communication- Key to a Stress Free Wedding Day

Wedding day is an amazing day, but we see over and over that couples come into wedding day stressed. Why?!? It's because they are unsure if wedding day will unfold the way they had envisioned it.

Why do some wedding days seem to go so flawlessly and some are full of anxiety and surprises?


Planner, or no planner (this isn't the time we will discuss this), the one thing that helps calm every couples' nerves is knowing there is a plan...and what the plan is.

From the very beginning of planning, a couple should seek to find their voice. There will be so, so many well-meaning people along the way that seem to think they know better than the couple about what should take place on wedding day. This includes everything from who should be on the guest list and what food should be served to floral and design decisions. While its always helpful to have support and ask "wanted" opinions, the song to be's should always cast the vision and have the final say in what is done on wedding day.

How do you do this? It's by communication. Each vendor should meet with you regarding services and wedding day plans. During these meetings, yes- ask lots of questions, but also give LOTS of opinions. This is nota time when you should be feeling selfish about asserting opinions. It is YOUR day! It is one of the few times you can so this guilt free in such a crowd!

Take time to write down your wedding day dreams. Some may be too lofty for your budget or time, but you can always find a way to insert something that will give you the same feel, or a similar experience. Communicate whether you are simple, elegant, quirky, or seasonal. Do you enjoy a big crowd, or do you like a gathering with a select few? Are you traditional and like all of the time tested customs, or are you a free spirit that likes donut cakes, pizza, and corn hole during the reception. Can you see what would happen if you did not insert your own views?

So, don't let your dj talk you into sweating to the oldies if you are a rap lover. Don't let your caterer talk you into an elegant table service if you are more of a food truck lover. Don't let your florist talk you into extravagant exotic florals if you are more of a eucalyptus and baby's breath fanatic. You do you and TELL everyone you come into contact with WHO YOU ARE!

Finally, make sure that you have a solid timeline that will help direct all vendors and people involved in wedding day. It will show that all of the communication and hard work that you have put in throughout planning will be able to be carried out without anything being overlooked!

Happy Planning! Happy Expression! Happy Wedding Day!

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