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Setting A Wedding Budget

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

When it comes to planning your wedding, the least favorite thing most couples have to do is to spend money. But because you have to, let's talk about creating a "doable" budget. Here is a list of things to consider, questions to ask, and ways to save.


What vendors are necessary for your event? Which ones are just a preference?

You may consider some or all of these (along with any needs that you do not see listed that may be personal to your needs):


Dress, Suite, and Other Clothing You Plan on Purchasing


Catering and Food

Tableware and Linens

Bartending and Alcohol

DJ Services


Florist/Floral Arrangments

Planning/Coordinating Services

Furniture/Decor Rentals

Invitations and Other Wedding Paper

Transportation and Hotels


  1. Who will be paying? (Bride and Groom, Parents, Grandparents, etc) These people will need to be included in discussion about wants, needs, expenses, etc.

  2. If parties other than yourself are paying, how much are they willing to contribute?

  3. Get quotes from all vendors that you may use in order to get an idea of expense in each area. We recommend getting multiple quotes. No two vendors are alike.

  4. Will this aspect make a memorable difference on wedding day or even 10 years after?

  5. What is the total price of the things you have settled on? Is it doable?

  6. How can I arrange a payment schedule that will work for me? You may need to speak to each vendor about options before you come to this conclusion.


  1. Many venues offer lower prices in certain months or days of the week.

  2. Use the venue for both the ceremony and reception.

  3. Choose a venue that offers more in their package (tables, chairs, linens, decor, etc). Do make sure you compare these packages to make sure you are saving.

  4. Speak to vendors about using them for fewer hours

  5. Get married earlier in the day. Meals often are not as formal during brunch or afternoon weddings.

  6. Serve beer and wine, one signature drink during dinner, or opt out of serving alcohol all together.

  7. DIY (in a tasteful way) some components.

  8. Lower your guest count. Remember, you are paying for each guest to be there when it comes to food, dessert, drinks, and more. Small, intimate weddings are in right now!

  9. Use a smaller cake. Many couples are opting to use a smaller cake to cut for photos and are serving either sheet cake, cup cakes, or other treats. Guests love grab and go deserts!

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