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Details, Details, Details!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

It isn't just the dress, florals, and cake that make your wedding memorable! As taken straight from Forever Borrowed's Brandon and Starr Selman, it starts with the details (! No one knows better how to portray simple details in a big way than Erin Trusner Fischer (of Trusner Designs)! She personally sits with her clients to discuss how their personalities, likes, dislikes, ideas, and more can culminate in a beautiful story displayed right from the beginning of announcing your wedding to the world! How great it is to let the first bit of information that your friends and loved see be so amazing! You can work these details into stationary, announcements, websites, programs, and decor! In a sense, it is your brand as a couple. How cool is that? Having a brand as partners! Wow!

I guess what we're trying to say is...YES, pay attention to details! Make a lasting impression from the start, show the world your style- YOUR BRAND!

Photo by Mattie Myrtle Photography

Harper Stationary Suite by Trusner Designs

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