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Fall Weddings Pros

Fall weddings are all the rage. Just 10 years ago, spring and early summer were popular times of year. Why has there been a swing to fall weddings? Well, we'll tell you!

  1. Warm call colors give us ALL the feels! Colors like cinnamon, burgundy, gold, forest green, and mustard, splattered with cream and dusty pink are so inviting and complement all of the gorgeous changing foliage.

  2. Speaking of foliage...if you are doing an outdoor ceremony, or even taking photos outside, the beautiful backdrop of trees turning beautiful colors cannot be found any other time of year! It can be breathtaking!

  3. The weather in fall is often more mild than other parts of the year. This is much more comfortable for your guests. It also allows some great indoor, outdoor options for both the ceremony and reception.

  4. Fall weddings allow for more options for the couple and wedding party, too! Dresses can be sleeveless, long sleeve, short, or long. Guys can be in vests or jackets, and a wider range of materials can be used. This is the perfect time for those velvet dresses that are trending!

  5. This time time can be fun for decor. Brides can use everything from traditional decor in fall colors to pumpkins, dried florals, and cornstalks! Brides can get their florists involved in gathering suggestions to make it unique and beautiful all at the same time.

  6. Fall is also a great time to serve seasonal food and drinks. Small pies are always a favorite, along with comfort foods, and hot drinks like coffee and hot cocoa!

Needless to say, we are PUMPED for fall wedding season! We can't wait to see all of the new couples, trends, and ideas! As always, send us photos of your wedding day! We love to see them...and share!

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