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Fun Ways to "Propose" to Your Wedding Party

Wedding planning is not some dreaded task that has to get done prior to the best day of your life! It can be fun and create so many memories along the way! A great example is the act of "proposing" to your wedding party. After all, these guys are the nearest and dearest people to you (with maybe the exception of your family).

Here are some fun wedding party propels that won't soon be forgotten:

  1. Send Bridesmaids/Groomsman Boxes: These can include personalized t-shirts, cookies, yetis/glasses, invitations, robes, belts, socks, etc!

  2. Take a fun trip and pop the question. Think of it as a bachelor, or bachelorette, party at the beginning. At a special moment during the trip, announce the wedding party!

  3. Do a movie night with clips of your gang over time. At the end, pop the question!

  4. Write a poem documenting things you've experienced together and include the invitation to be part of your wedding party.

  5. Go to dinner and have the waiter pop the question at a fun time during dinner!

There are so many fun ways to creatively propose to your peeps! This will be just the beginning of the many memorable things you can do during wedding planning!

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