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Got a venue! What’s next?

Most couples are sooooo excited to be engaged, start on the venue hunt, secure a venue, and then....FEEL SUPER OVERWHELMED! So, what's next?

The first thing to do is take a deep breath and remember that everything does not have to happen at the beginning. the first thing most couples do is to choose a wedding party. These are often lifelong friends and/or family will walk with you every step of the planning process. They often go along while choosing a dress, plan showers and parties, and calm you down when planning gets to be a bit much.

Next, if you are wanting a planner (always a good idea), run (don't walk) and get that in place before you start anything else! A planner will take care of your planning and wedding timelines, so most of the process is now in their hands. They have trusted vendors and often save you money.They also go through contracts, ask questions, and relay your needs, making sure your wishes and vision are carried out.

If a planner is not what you have in mind, no worries. Let's talk about what vending choices come first. Quite honestly, we recommend only two vendors right away (unless you are planning a wedding with short notice). First, find a dress. This is an important one. The first dress you try on, is usually not the one of your dreams. You may go to MANY bridal shops before finding THE ONE. Once you find the one, it may need to be ordered in your size. This may take months (up to a year). That is why it is important to do this early.

Next, choose a photographer. Your photographer is going to capture your forever memories, so this is a biggie! Spend time on social media seeing what mood, photos, and styles you like. You will also want to check reviews. Then, look at your budgeting needs. After that, make appointments to speak with your photographer. It is important that you feel comfortable with them. The more comfortable you are with them, the better your photos will be!

There are lots of other vendors and details that will be necessary the rest of the way, but that should get you started! Enjoy the planning process! It's all bout YOU TWO, so it should be fun!

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