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Choosing A Venue

Once you have an idea of what your wedding style and budget are, you will want to secure a venue. This is such a fun process! Feel free to set appointments and tour as many venues as you would like. The key is finding one that you love and asking the right questions to make sure they meet your needs. When visiting always make sure the staff is kind, helpful, and professional. All vendors, family, and wedding party will be working with them, so it is crucial that they are top notch.

25 Questions To Ask

  1. How many guests can you accommodate?

  2. How many hours do I get with my rental?

  3. Do I have additional time for rehearsal?

  4. Are there hotels within driving distance?

  5. Is there an outside and inside options (or plan B option due to inclement weather)?

  6. Is there a place for the couple and wedding party to use to get ready?

  7. Is there a bathroom for the bride to use privately?

  8. Are there guest restrooms? Where are they?

  9. Is the place for the wedding party to get ready close to the ceremony area?

  10. Is there a place for caterers to prepare food to be served?

  11. How much is your TOTAL fee for my needs?

  12. What is the deposit?

  13. Is there a payment plan?

  14. Are outside vendors allowed?

  15. Do you have a preferred vendor list?

  16. Does the venue have packages that include anything other than basic rental of the facility? Are there added rental fees for things included?

  17. What is required if alcohol is served?

  18. Can cars be left overnight if needed? If so, what are the stipulations?

  19. Are pets allowed?

  20. Is there onsite parking for guests?

  21. Is there a sound system or dj requirement?

  22. Is there a dance floor?

  23. What picture places are available?

  24. Are you allowed to visit or take photos at the venue prior to the event?

  25. Is there an extra charge for additional visits?

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