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Guest Book Ideas You will Love!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Guest books don't have to be refined to simply having guests sign their names in a book that will remain in a drawer until the end of time (well, at least for years to come). There are so many fun AND usable things that can be your guests book. Right now, our favorite guest book is nothing close to a book, but corn hole boards. These can be customised with your name, wedding date, or any other thing you would like to include. Just leave the top, clear coat off until after your guests sign the pair at your reception! this is not the only thing you an do to stray from the traditional guest book, though. Here's a list of things you can do for a unique, personalised guest book(or to get your creativity going for your own idea):

  1. Top of a whiskey barrel- to use as a wall hanging after the wedding.

  2. Globe: "I would travel the world to be with you."

  3. Wood Slab Wall Hanging

  4. Photo Guestbook: to be used with Polaroid cameras or a photo booth

  5. Signature Cowboy Hat

  6. Bench for a special place in your home

  7. Family Tree: Guests sign branches or leaves

  8. Large picture frame: Guests sign only frame portion

  9. Mirror

  10. Bible: Guests highlight verses and sign next to it

These are just a few, out of many. You do get the idea though. Anything that would be special, personal to you, or memorable could be used, Take this chance to make that area truly unique!

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