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Happy New Year! Our Magazine Has Arrived!

We have been working on this launch for quite some time! You may have to pinch us, so that we will believe it is finally here! Thank you to all of the venues, vendors, printing, and support we have received throughout the process! This inaugural issue walks the reader through the planning process, gives details on specific venues and vendors, and gives space to journal throughout! It encourages intentional living and lessons straight from the country and its way of life!

Our Mission:


The magnificence of nature

is shown in every tree,

flower, sunrise, and sunset.

Its magic is showcased


throughout country roads,

pastures, rivers, and woodlands.

Your love deserves no less

than to be showcased

in the beauty of

the nature around you.

"Country is not only your surroundings, but a way of life. Live that Life."

-Country Wedding Journal

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