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How To Avoid Stress When Planning Your Wedding

You are engaged and it is the best time of your life! But, before we get too excited about that statement, let's talk about what we hear so often! We constantly hear how stressed the bride or couple is during this otherwise happy time! So, let's visit about proactive things that can be done to avoid this stress.

  1. Hire a planner. These do cost extra money, but often save you that money due to connections and familiarity with making sure budgets are met.

  2. Try to stay within your budget. The biggest stress is spending way more money than you have set aside for your wedding.

  3. Ask all vendors questions to clarify services and to make sure there are no surprises: What services are included? What are additional rentals that are not included? How many hours of service are included? What taxes, gratuity, and/or service fees are required?

  4. Be flexible when it comes to vendors. Compare pricing and services. Make sure quality, service, and kindness are a top priorities in their business model.

  5. Stick to a planned guest list. Many times the guest list grows due to family requests, friend requests, etc. the guest list should be based on budget (you are paying per guest when it comes to food, drinks, etc) and close loved ones (friends and family). Do not feel obligated to invite everyone on social media, at work, all relatives, all associates, etc.

  6. Remeber that it is your wedding- no one else's. The decisions (whether it be decor, guest list, food, etc) are yours to make. One of the biggest stresses is when others expectations become bigger than yours. Stand your ground and make sure you have boundaries when it comes to planning. One way to do this is to make sure that it is only you and your fiancé that communicates with your planner.

  7. Take planning one step at a time. There are so many little pieces that are involved in wedding planning. Get, or make, a wedding planning timeline that serves as a checklist. Then, only focus on one task at a time. Once each task is complete, or scheduled, you can move on to the next.

Now, take a deep breath, sip a cup of coffee, light a candle, and spend a little time pampering yourself along the way. Not just once, but throughout the planning process. You can't enjoy the process if you are worn out and frazzled. Now we'll leave you with a thought:

"Take the time to enjoy wedding planning. After all, wedding planning is all about you- the things you like, the colors you love, your favorite food, your loveliest loved ones, your unique activities and traditions, songs that are your jam, and YOU GET TO MARRY THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!" - Country Wedding Journal

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