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Little Known Wedding Day Tips

Wedding day is fast, furious, nerve-wracking, AND the BEST DAY EVER! Here are a few tips to think about:

  • Bring safety pins (things fall apart, need adjusting, etc).

  • Bring a crochet hook for loops/buttons on your wedding dress; as well as, to help with the bustle.

  • Before you and your bridesmaids go down the aisle and take photos, remember to adjust your necklaces so that the hook is in the back.

  • Bring extra shoes for the reception (that are more comfortable).

  • Make sure that you have touch up makeup and hairspray for use after your HMU team has gone.

  • Use the restroom just before getting into your dresses.

  • Bring bobby pins for keeping your "do" and veil in place.

  • Bring a portable speaker for getting ready time. Your favorite tunes make everything better and more memorable.

  • Bring your favorite perfume. It makes you feel even more beautiful.

  • Make sure there is a phone number other than the brides for people to call for directions, questions, etc.

  • Plan at least 10 min to have special time alone: just the couple. After all, that is what wedding day is all about.

* Planning and Florals: Forever Borrowed *Photo: AW Photographic, Inc

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