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Wedding Style

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

There are so many wedding styles, but the truth is that your style most likely will not be one specific style. Most wedding styles are a mixed bag influenced by places you love, clothing you wear, popular trends, and numerous other things. So how do you know what your style is? First start by choosing the style that most closely alines with your style as a couple. Then, add in elements that make your style uniquely you! A perfect way to get started is to make an "Inspo" board with pictures that showcase you as a couple (colors, places, clothing, movies, songs, etc).



Your style is carefree and beautiful. decor is simple, but elegant. Pillows, rugs, macrame, and other whimsical pieces are often used. Your florals are textured and less structured. Popular colors are: Deep greens, browns, greys, AND vibrant reds, deep pink, rust, and purples. Colors are playful and full of life.


Your style is a bit formal, with some traditional and feminine components;

along with a little rustic detailing. It can be a mix of straight lines and sophistication with hints of wood, greenery, lace, or even burlap. Some weddings lean toward the rustic side, some lean more toward the elegant. The great news is that it's your call!


Your style often spotlights beautiful green and white florals, refined colors, timeless components, and is not overly ornate or trendy. This style could have been used in past, is still being used today, and will remain beautiful over time.


If you are an outdoorsman, or just enjoy the beauty of nature, garden style might be the perfect fit. Garden style weddings are usually outside and bring the beauty of nature into the mix through greenery, florals, grass, and/or trees. Dried flower petals are often used as a send off, and sometimes small potted plants, or seeds, are even given as wedding favors.

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