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Outside Wedding? Things to Consider

Outside weddings are THE THING! They are gorgeous! They bring us to a peaceful, beautiful place that seems to calm our minds and spirits for this special day. The scenery is amazing and the no one can replicate the distant, or not so distant, noises of birds chirping, leaves rustling, and sometimes even a river flowing. With that being said, there are some things to consider when planning an outside wedding.

PLAN B: No matter where you get married, you always need to have a plan B in case of weather. Depending on the time of year, that can mean temperature, rain, snow, sleet, snow, or for some couples- wind. Many country wedding venues offer both options. This is always a plus. However, if you are not using a traditional venue, make sure you discuss the options, whether that be moving to a different location, or having a tent backup that will accommodate all of there wedding party, family, and guests.

Restroom Dilemma: In the event that you are not getting married near a venue, remember to think about where you and your guests will be going to the restroom. Plan accordingly...enough said. ( :-O )

What's Bugging You? Yes really...are there going to be bug issues- either for the ceremony or when food is served. There are many fun ways to supply bug spray for guests with catchy quotes alongside a basket. Other things to ponder are flies, ants, bees, and other little peaks around food. Just be on your A game and prepare ahead of time when planning.

Wedding/Reception Music: Nature does not come complete with electrical outlets in the trees..but we know you can make it work. If you need to employ battery powered speakers, or something of that sort, get that knocked out in time to discuss everything from live music to amplifying your officiant.

Seating and Eating: Don't leave out the fact that you will all be needing a place to sit to eat, visit, and enjoy the ceremony. That can take many different forms depending on your wedding style. Farm weddings can use hay bales covered in blankets for seating. Garden weddings can use pretty white chairs. Boho weddings may even have stylish pillows to sit on and some weddings will actually bring in couches to form sitting areas. Whatever your style (and budget). You can find a way!

Lighting Love: If you will be having your event (at any point) after sunset, don't forget that you will need to have lighting! LIGHTS CAN STEAL A SHOW. They look beautiful in photos and set a romantic mood. OOOHLALA! Of course, lighting kind of goes along with the whole electricity thing, but where there is a will, there is a way! If the thought of lighting is just too much, start your event earlier in the day. Have a brunch or afternoon wedding. These allow you, as a couple, to get away earlier- possibly get started with your honeymoon plans.

Last but not least, remember to let your guests know that your wedding, and/or ceremony, will be outside. They will greatly appreciate it and can be prepared to dress appropriately. It's not even a terrible idea to give suggestions about how they should dress.

We don't tell you all of these things to scare you. WE LOVE OUTDOOR EVENTS! The main thing to remember is to plan ahead.In addition, most planners will know just what to do for these types of events. It would be super helpful to bring one on board!

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