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Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

It is true, pictures do speak a thousand words...not only on day one, but every time you look at them for years and years to come! Therefore, we cannot stress enough about making sure you have the right photographer! Here are some steps to take when looking for the perfect man (or woman) for the job!

  • The first thing to do ALWAYS: Hit the social media, websites, etc to LOOK at the photographer's work. Every photographer has a different style and you need to make sure the style (and quality) matches yours.

  • Read reviews. It is important to make sure the photographer has delivered quality services in a timely manner in the past. Let's be real, there are some people who will always find something wrong with ANYTHING, but make sure the good, outweighs the bad.

  • Make sure to hire a WEDDING professional. Wedding photography is much different that other media needs.

  • Meet with the photographer to make sure he/she can meet your needs, fit your budget, and whose personality can make for an enjoyable wedding day.

  • Try them out. Schedule a pre-wedding shoot like an engagement session, save the date, or a fun couples shoot that will help you gage EVERYTHING from quality and personality to service, and style.

This moody shoot gives us all the feels and speaks- A MILLION WORDS. You can see this portrait and so many others in the most current issue of Country Wedding Journal. Visit our website for more information.

Photography: Aspen Tabor Photogrpahy

Model: Christine Emesiani

Dress: Flutter Dress

HMU: Blonde Spells

Coordination: Maxine Keller Creative

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