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Real Vs Faux Florals

Sooooooooo..... let s compare real florals with a faux floral option. Here are some statements we often hear:

  1. I can save money on faux florals. Well, yes and no is the real answer. Yes- but the florals that are less expensive tend to show it. They give themselves away both in person and in photos. The ones that most often look the best, and are more natural looking are silk. That means your pocketbook will feel the effects. These are typically more expensive than real florals.

  2. Faux florals look the same one photos. We touched on that previously...but no. Via our photo experts, there are no florals that photogrpah as well as real florals. High end silk florals can come close, but nothing matches the real deal.

  3. Real florals will wilt. While it is true that some real florals last longer than others, your floral professional knows what they are doing. They will help you choose the best flowers for the season and will also have ways of keeping them fresh, from storage temperature to keeping them hydrated by spraying them.

  4. I can use my faux florals for decor later. This is true, but do remember that styles change and so does your taste in decor. Faux florals also fade over time and must be cleaned often so as not to be a major dust collector.

  5. I am allergic to real florals. If this is the case, faux florals may be the best options. Be sure to speak to your flower pro to see if certain other real options are available. Some couple opt to use more greenery, or even dried florals that may not irritate you at all, or as much.

Florals are a huge investment and statement for your wedding day. The one shown in this blog is by @sorellefloralsanddecor. They work magic on wedding day! Florals allow you to be creative, add elegance, and display gorgeous colors that convey certain moods. Do your research, along with your floral designer, and enjoy every minute!

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