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Relationship Goals

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Because this week hosts the holiday "National Spouse Day", we thought we would discuss some things that many successful couples do to keep that special someone, well... feeling special! We know that many times our brains go on auto pilot and we forget some basic things that will keep our relationships successful and in a great place. Here are some thoughtful things that you could try to keep that romance alive!

  1. Tell your spouse that you love them every day. Don't let this slip. It's a no brainer, but don't let this go. Try to say it along with what it is that you love about them (that's an added bonus)!

  2. Watch for areas where your spouse could use some help and take that over for the day (or week). It could be dishes, paying bills, taking the trash out, filling up the car with gas, pulling weeds in the garden, or walking the dogs. We could go on and on, but you get it! Just pay attention. There is always something.

  3. Remember some special 1sts and repeat them! What does this mean? Where was your first date? Do that again. What was the first movie you saw together? See it again. What was your first road trip? Go again. Have you moved? Go back to where it all started. These special firsts will always be important and will always hold a special place and feeling in your heart. Visit those feelings again by repeating those firsts!

  4. Now that we talked about repeating first, think about things you have never done. That means building a new memory. Go to a new restaurant, do an activity you've never done before. Sometimes it's hard to think of new things, so don't just give up. Simply google top things to do in your city/town. If you've done all of that, extant your search to a place nearby. It can be as simple as finding an old country road that you've never been down. Take a walk there, throw out a picnic blanket in an available spot, and enjoy each other (no phones in sight).

  5. Speaking of no phones allowed. When is the last time you did anything together without getting out your phone? That is a goal right there. Either plan a phone free activity, or simply put them up and spend a quiet evening at home without connecting. Spend that time talking, and better still, listening.

We could go on and on about things that can keep your relationship strong, but I bet now that your mind is on the right track, you will have so many things that will babe added to the list. How about making that list for this year. Stop what you are doing, get out a jar, and fill it with monthly things you can do to keep your flames burning strong! Draw an idea out monthly and do just that! What a fun way to be intentionally spontaneous!

Photo by @chandlerraephotogrpahy . Beautiful couple: Mr. and Mrs. Mudd (What an inspirational couple).

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