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Should I Do a First Look?

First Look: When a couple sees each other for the first time on wedding day. This is done prior to the ceremony and is a private moment between the bride and groom (however it is often photographed by their professional photographer and videographer).

  • Pro: A first look allows more time for photos

Without a a first look, photos are taken following your ceremony. This takes away from the time you are able to spend in the reception with your friends and family. It also often rushes things like cutting the cake, toasts, and other major events in the reception. However, if you have a first look before your ceremony, you'll be less rushed on time and will have more time to enjoy your wedding after you tie the knot!

  • Con: Your day will have to start earlier

Doing a first look before the ceremony means you, and your wedding party, will need to get an earlier start on your hair, makeup, and getting dressed. However, it's pretty normal these days and easily attainable with a team of expert vendors by your side!


  • Pro: You won't have to worry as much about crying during your ceremony

If you’re worried about crying, a first look just might get that out of the way before the ceremony and give you a chance to touch up your makeup before the ceremony, bridal party, and couple photos. It's no guarantee against a few happy tears during the ceremony, but there won't be as many photos after that time.

  • Con: You makeup could pay the consequence

You may have to touch up your makeup after the first look. But there's more time at that point than there may be immediately following the ceremony (and you won't be being pulled in so many directions).

3 . Anxiety

  • Pro: It can help anxiety about the ceremony

It is completely normal to be anxious on wedding day- especially about the ceremony! Seeing your fiancé ahead of time should help you feel more comfortable. During the first look, you can reassure each other that you’re in it together.

  • Con: It takes away that one “special moment” at the altar

If you have always waited for the first time you see your partner coming down the aisle, then a first look is not for you. However, the first time you and your fiancé see each other on the day of your wedding will be so very special, regardless. No one has to even know if you chose to do do a first look. It's meant to be between the two of you.


  • Pro: A first look is more private (after all getting married is really about the two of you)

A first look gives you a few minutes to share personal vows, words, or even just a few moments of being together during the whirlwind of a wedding day. Wedding days are amazing and unforgettable, but there are actually hardly any moments when you are just sharing them together (without constant pulling at you to go somewhere, do something, or see someone). Many couples actually have the photographer capture this moment and then ask them to walk away for a few moments so that the two of you can take it all in.

  • Con: I can be a little bit awkward

With your photographer and videographer documenting you, you might feel a little staged and uncomfortable in what is supposed to be a candid moment. There is, however a fix to this. Like we said in the "pro" above, simply ask the photographer (or anyone else there) to give you a few minutes after the photos to take it all in privately.

One more thing! You can also get creative and do first looks with other people on wedding day. Here are some ideas:

You can do first looks with:

  • Moms

  • Dads

  • Grandparents

  • Siblings

  • Maid of Honor/Best Man

  • Bridesmaids and/or Groomsmen

  • Anyone you would like to surprise before the actual ceremony!

Vendor team:

Venue: @StillMeadowsEvents

Photography & Videography- @simplysheltsweddings

Florals- @foreverborrowed

Bride Dress- @bellaroseedmond

Groom Attire- @thewardrobeokc

Catering- @vanspigstands

DJ- @wiseowldj

Cake- @tuckers_treats_pharm

Venue & Coordination- @stillmeadowsevents

Bride & Groom- @brooklynseeley @kyle_seeley

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