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Should You Have An Unplugged Ceremony?

Thanks @foreverborrowed for beautifully highlighting this gentle reminder:

Having an unplugged ceremony can be a wonderful choice for several reasons:

1. Guest Engagement: It encourages your guests to be fully present in the moment rather than being distracted by their devices. They can better enjoy and participate in the ceremony.

2. Professional Photos: It ensures that your professional photographer captures the ceremony without the interference of guests’ devices, resulting in higher-quality photos.

3. Respect for Privacy: Protects the privacy of your ceremony. You have control over what gets shared online, if at all.

4. Reduced Distractions: Minimizes the distractions of phones ringing, screens lighting up, or guests trying to get the perfect shot, allowing for a more serene atmosphere.

5. Emotional Connection: Encourages an emotional connection between you and your guests, as they focus on your special moment rather than documenting it.

6. Unplugged Vows: If you write your own vows, it ensures that your words are heard and felt by your guests without the click-clack of typing or the glare of screens.

Ultimately, an unplugged ceremony can help create a more intimate and memorable experience for you and your loved ones.


Photo by @neva_michelle

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