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Timeline Talk #1

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Over the next few blogs, we are going to answer questions to help with timeline development. We'll break it into small chunks so that it is not overwhelming.

The first thing to remember is that timelines are NOT meant to be a "to the minute" tool. Whoever is managing your timeline should always be flexible for the following:

  • Photography flow and needs. The photos are forever memories that should take priority over timeline specifications.

  • The couples' needs. If the couple is still eating and it's time to cut the cake, give them a few more minutes. Wedding day should not be rushed.

  • Flow of events. If your dance floor took a while to get off the ground, but it hopping now, and it's time to toss the bouquet...wait to do the tossing (if time allows)! Get out there and enjoy your guests.

We know that there are planners out there cringing at this post. After all, many planners are type A and want things to be exactly as planned. We get it, we get it... However, the goal of wedding day is to build amazing, stress-free memories (that's why we have planners). So, let's all make sure that important things get done in a timely manners, but let's use the timeline as a "tool", not as rigid wedding day law.

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