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Timeline Talk #2

One questions that is asked often is how to set a ceremony time. So, there are some basic questions to ask:

  1. What time of day do you want to have a ceremony?

  • Do you want a brunch wedding?

  • Do you want a nighttime affair?

  • What about an evening wedding?

The most popular time for weddings are typically early evening. This allows sunlight for beautiful outdoor, or indoor, weddings with time for the couple to take sunset photos. we typically recommend having at least an hour to an hour and a half to take photos after the wedding is over. This allows time for quick family photos, any needed wedding party photos and couple photos just before sunset.

If choosing an earlier wedding, consider these things:

  • Do the bride & bridesmaids have enough time to get ready (either off site or on site)?

  • Are traveling guests able to get to the ceremony in time?

  • Can all vendors (florals, food, cake, dj, etc) get set up in time?

  • Are there enough time to take any getting ready photos, detail photos, dress phots, and first look photos desired?

If choosing a nighttime wedding consider the following:

  • Will your guests stay until the grand exit?

  • Will your vendors stay that late?

  • Is there a place with good lighting for photos that will be taken after the wedding?

  • Do you have time to pack your items and fulfils any venue duties in the agreed upon time frame?

There are so many little things to think about when making a timeline. It's always best to have a professional help, but if budget or preference do not allow, we'll continue to help you through! Look for the next timeline blog coming soon!

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