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Timeline Talk #3

Client question:

Should we open the bar before the wedding starts?

(Many couples wonder whether they should open the bar to be available as their guests are arriving)

CWJ Answer: No. No. No. While the idea that guests can arrive, visit, and have a quick drink sounds good. Let's think about this. First of all, when wedding time arrives, it is hard to get the guests to get out of the bar line and sit, especially if they have not gotten an initial drink. Ultimately, the wedding tends to run behind because of this. Next, opening the bar officially starts the party atmosphere, which will ultimately cause more commotion that there would otherwise be at this time. That mean more going on just before the couple walks down the aisle. The goal is to make sure things are calm before heading down to get married. This time is meant for calm anticipation and memories about the moments before finally tying the knot with your best friend. Finally, if the the guests have drinks, they will take them to their seat in the ceremony. This makes a gorgeously curated wedding ceremony look much less classy, both in person and in photos.

In short, scratch the pre-wedding party... save it for your reception. There will be plenty of fun and memories to be had AND captured in photos!

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