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Tips for Planning A Short Term Wedding

In this day and time, most couples are planning 9 to 18 months (or even more) in advance. There are, however, still exceptions to this norm. So, what if you want to plan a wedding in 6 months...or even 2? No wedding planning timelines show this!?!

Let us put your mind at can be done! Let us give you a short checklist to make sure the most important things get checked off of your list in a timely manner.

  1. Set a date

  2. Hire a planner OR get busy

  3. Make a list of your MAJORS for wedding day (things that are must haves)

  4. Choose you style and colors

  5. Set your budget

  6. Chose a venue (some venues may have items and services that will help for short term planning)

  7. Choose your wedding party and decide on their Wedding Attire

  8. Get a Dress (the dress will most likely need to be altered, so it is necessary to do this right away)

  9. Plan/book honeymoon

  10. Choose ALL vendors (availability is key in short term planning, so you may have to be patient). This can include: Officiant, catering, baker/cake, florist, bartending, dj, security, hair/makeup etc)

  11. Plan rehearsal date, time, dinner

  12. Send out invitations ( 8-12 weeks in advance, or as soon as possible) and make a wedding website to update guests with details, announcements, directions, and anything else you wish to include

  13. Make sure groom has a ring and attire

  14. Take care of wedding details (guest book, send off needs, centerpieces, cake plate, serving set, tasting glasses, etc)

  15. Check back with vendors to make sure all areas are covered: Guest count/RSVPS, plates, cups, napkins, serving needs, etc. are accounted for

  16. Verify honeymoon arrangements

  17. Confirm arrangements for rehearsal dinner/ number of those attending

  18. Do trial for hair and makeup

  19. Follow up to make sure that all alterations are complete

  20. Wedding week: Get marriage license, pack for honeymoon, manicures/pedicures, pack car, rehearsal/dinner, make sure all vendors are paid/have arrangements for wedding day payments

Many of these item will be taken care of by your planner if that has been arranged in the beginning. They have connections for both budgeting and vendors that they work closely with on a regular basis. If not, no worries. Your wedding day is going to be the best day of your life so far! Lean on those around you. Employ the help of your maid of honor and best man. Make sure to surround yourself with those who want what YOU want and are calming and level headed in times of fast paced planning. In the end, remember that no two weddings look alike. Your wedding does not have to fit into a cookie cutter experience. Don't let the details overshadow what you are planning- a celebration of love and a new chapter of your lives together.

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