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Ways To Plan A Nice Wedding on A Budget

We all want a nice wedding, but let's face it...we see these gorgeous photos that seem hard to live up to! So, let's discuss ways to have an amazing wedding on a budget that is NOT limitless.

The first thing to consider is that you are paying for each guest that attends. The number one way that couples' budgets get out of control is by inviting a large amount of guests. now, we understand that large wedding means different things to different clients. Therefore, let's talk about how much, on average, you will expect to pay for each guest. To get this we'll divide the average cost per wedding by the average number of guest that attend. That leaves the average cost per guest to be around $75 per person. This includes an average (no extravagant) meal, drink, alcohol, and cake; as well as, table setting, send off, and possible wedding wedding favour. That means if you have 50 guests that is $3,750 and a wedding of 250 guests would be $18,750 in addition to your venue fee, decor, florals, and dj, and any other personalzed vendors or services you bring in.

Next, think about your florals. These are quite the expense! It is amazing to think that every table, area, and chair be decked out, but that can be quite pricey! You can list this budget by choosing just a few spots for florals that are key photo spots. There are also some florals that are much more costly than others, so be sure to speak with your florist about this before deciding. It is important to choose a reputable florist to help you with this area. Sometimes less expensive florists will have charges that end up exceeding those who are upfront about pricing and may have looked a little more expensive. Do your homework.

Budget can also have a lot to do with your venue. Be sure to ask what decor is included and if there is an additional fee for using this decor. Many times it is much more cost effective to use the decor provided by your venue. Just make sue to discuss this in advance. Some venues also include tables, chairs, and linens, either at a low cost or no cost to the couple. Think of this in terms of guests, too.

One final way to stick to your budget is to hire a planner. Some venues offer these as well. Many couples see planners as an added expense, but they can often help keep you on budget and provide suggestions for using good vendors that may be more suitable for your needs. Keep an open mind and try reaching for a consultation to see how you could benefit from this service.

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