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Wedding Insurance: Good Investment or Waste of Money?

There seems to be insurance for everything from health to pet insurance. The hope is always that the insurance is NEVER used, but at that truly would be a waste of money. But in the real world, sometimes things do go wrong (even in the best planned, most prepared situations).

After being involved in hundreds and hundreds of weddings, we have come to the conclusions that YES wedding insurance is always a good idea. The plus side is that wedding insurance, when comparing to most wedding costs, is relatively inexpensive. In addition, it is customisable.

Wedding insurance covers rescheduling, cancellation for both venue and vendors. It can also cover things like your wedding ring, dress, suite, and other apparel. Wedding insurance can also cover weather related problems that arise. Maybe your guests can't make it due to bad weather- extreme weather options on your policy will pay to reschedule your vendors and venue. If your cake is damaged or knocked over, insurance can cover this.

There is a whole host of scenarios that can, and have, happened when it comes to weddings and events. Why not be covered. Enough stress goes along with the process. This will give you peace of mind.

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