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Wedding Party Woes?

The questions is...How do I choose?

We often hear concerns in this area- from "How can I limit the number?" to "Whose feeling will I hurt?" It may not be easy, but let us help you through this! The first thing you need to remember is that it is YOUR wedding. This is one time that it is ok to think this way. This day is truly about the couple first and foremost. To make this process a little more fun (yes it can be) and easier, sit down with a little list and answer these questions to both qualify and eliminate some of your candidates.

  1. Is this person family (family will be around longer than a lot of friends)?

  2. Have I talked to this person over the last year?

  3. Is this person positive and generally helpful (remember that you will be spending the most exciting day of your life with them).

  4. Does this person get along with the others... or can you trust them to do this on wedding day (and events leading up to wedding day)?

  5. What size is your wedding? The average wedding is approximately 130, with the average wedding party size being 4-5 on each side.

Some other tips to go by:

  1. Don't ask them just because they asked you.

  2. Take your time to think over your needs, expectations, and candidates. DON'T RUSH INTO THIS!

  3. Remember that there will not only be a wedding day, but also showers, parties, planning, dinners, and wedding day.

  4. You may want to do special proposals and gifts, so consider that into your budget when thinking about numbers.

  5. If a friend or loved one is not chosen, there are plenty of other things they can do to help them feel needed and involved. You may use them to help with sending invitations, greeting, guest book duty, snapshots during planning and events, etc. You can get creative with this one, because there are a lot of things to do!


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