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Wedding Pros: Updates and Opportunities

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Good morning wedding pros! This blog's for you! We wanted to start just a little update each month to try to keep us more connected and growing TOGETHER! Whether you are a venue owner or a a professional vendor... we need community. Our goal is to make our network of people stronger, more informed, and better equipped to serve our amazing couples with just what they need. We are all here in a space that sometimes seams quite crowded and overwhelming. What we need to remember is that we are ALL UNIQUE in what we do. Each couple, in turn, is unique with needs, vision, and personalities. When we know this, we can rest in the fact that we should all grow together and HELP each other as a wedding community.

That said, I want to share an opportunity for all of you! This is a great time of year to brush up on skills, media, and trends. There are always opportunities for this! Currently, there is an online workshop with Margaux Fraise called the Wedding Summit Series. If you went to the Wedding MBS in the fall, you may have heard her speak. It looks to be full of professional advice on marketing services, and more! You can go to the following website to sign up for free!

I also wanted to share some conversation we had with Wendy, the owner of Sorelle the Meadow on Deer Creek. She has been thinking about marketing much like we all are during the times we have to catch a breath. As she shared, she reminded us that the algorithms for social media are constantly changing and talked about posting times, strategies etc. We constantly see conflicting statements from many sources that tell us when to post, what hashtags to use, etc. We challenge each of you to pay attention to your post history. That is key to seeing what is working. Which posts received more likes, shares, comments, etc. At what time were they posted? What was the content? What hashtags were used? That is truly essential when creating future content. Apply the strategies used for your most successful posts to your future posts.

Finally, let's remember to support each other. Follow one another. Like each others posts. Comment...And even share other vendors posts. This will not only help your wedding pro friends. It will also help you! Again, let's network and help each other grow. The ones in our community that need to grow are the ones that are truly here to serve our couples in a professional and honest way! If that's you...make this your goal TODAY!

P.S. Country Wedding Journal's main purpose is to connect couples with vendors, give inspiration to both vendors and couples, and to provide needed and helpful information in an amazing environment. If there is anything you think would better equip you, as a wedding professional, please let us know! We are already planning our next network and training meeting! It will take place at the beginning of August. If you have a time, day, or any requests concerning content ---please let us know! We are here to help everyone! The information is designed to be useful and uplifting.

Also, remember that is you would like to do an interview for our social media, please let us know! We want our couples to get to know you! You all have a great day and don't forget to share photo galleries, stories, and updated information about yourselves so that we can make sure our couples stay informed and inspired!

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