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What Is Engagement Season and What Does It Mean To Engaged Couple?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Engagement season is the time between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day, the time of year when love is truly in the air! As a matter fact, nearly 40% of all couples get engaged between November and the end of February! Now these are not just fun facts when you are planning a wedding. What does this mean for you?

It means that if you are engaged before or during engagement season, and your wedding is coming up within a year, you should get your venue secured. Not only are couples busy getting engaged, but venues are busy getting dates filled up. Fall is typically the first to fill, followed closely by spring. The next thing to consider is finding a photographer. You'll want to find just the right one for taking engagement photos (if they haven't already captured your proposal). Engagement photos are a fantastic time to capture and announce your engagement; as well as, "try out" that artist who will eventually capture your forever wedding memories!

Finally, think about other vendors. There isn't a big of a hurry if you are flexible, but if you are set on a certain vendor and no other will do, it's better to book sooner, rather than later. So, start by making a list of needed vendors, prioritise, mark "non-negotiable"

ones and get started planning! Remember this time is all about you, so grab hold and get rollin'.

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