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Why Wedding Insurance?

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Well, kind of like this groom, wedding insurance is a great choice to cover ALL couples planning a wedding. We always hear things like "each vendor has insurance" (they should), "our venue has insurance" (it should), "it will be alright" (we hope it is, too), "it's one more payment" (it is, but well worth it). We've heard all of the things, but in the end, do you have the assurance that you are fully covered if an unthinkable thing happens on wedding day?

8 scenarios that support getting wedding insurance:

  1. Your venue or planner may require it.

  2. Your parent/close family has an accident or illness requiring cancellation or postponement.

  3. You lose your ring or damage your dress.

  4. One of your guests causes damage to the venue or rentals.

  5. Your photos were corrupted, lost, or just plain bad.

  6. There is an ice storm, or weather related emergency that warrants a reschedule.

  7. One of your vendors cancel, don't show, or have an emergency requiring you to schedule a last minute change.

  8. Cousin Larry is doing the chicken dance and knocks your wedding cake off of the table before the wedding even starts. (ugh!)

Of course there are many more things that can happen on wedding day, but we don't need to stress you out. The GREAT NEWS is, that there is an option to keep your mind at rest. In addition, event insurance is relatively cheap and a one time expense to cover the most memorable day of your live! One great source for wedding insurance across the United States is . It is completely customizable and made to fit your individual needs. That way you are not paying for coverage that is uneccessary. Check it out and RELAX!

Super cute photo by Meg Rose Photography

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